TFS Beta 3 Installed, with minor caveats...

Published 25 September 05 08:36 AM | dmckinstry

I downloaded and did a native-machine install on TFS yesterday.  Following Rob's instructions, I made it thought a physical machine installation (i.e., not a VPC as usual) on my home Windows Server.  It, of course, warned that my 1.5GB RAM and Athlon 2200+ might not be fast enough, but I think it will handle one person well enough.  I using a single-server configuration in workgroup mode (i.e., not AD) and followed up by installing Team Explorer.

Everything went well except for a file-not-found exception in CoverAn.exe during the foundation server install...  I ignored the error and later discovered that Rob has an answer for that too (i.e., ignore the error).

Since then I've installed Team Explorer onto a notebook and connected to the TFS as a workgroup user.  Everything seems to work fine!  I probably won't have time to play with build or proxy for awhile; but in the mean time I have a great playground for Team System!


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