What a week! SR1 and now Beta 2!!!!

Published 26 July 07 08:51 PM | dmckinstry

VS 2008 here I come!!!!!  First the Database Professionals team gets SR1 out the door.  Now DevDiv at Microsoft hits it out of the park with Visual Studio 2008 Team System.

There are many better posts than mine on the details so I'll point you to Soma's blog for the big announcement and Rob Caron's for some name changes.

The Visual Studio 2008 family of products will be another step forward.  The big thing for me about Beta 2 is that there is a "Go Live" license.  Using prerelease software in production isn't for everyone and I certainly don't recommend it.  I'll be amongst the few actually using it in production.  I'll let you know what I find, if anything, worth mentioning about using TFS 2008 Beta 2 in production.

Kudos to the Visual Studio Team and thank you.  And to everyone else...  have fun with the new release - I know I will.


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