Patches for Team System 2008 Beta 2

Published 12 September 07 07:40 AM | dmckinstry

Awhile ago I posted about my attempts to upgrade TFS 2005 (Workgroup mode - not AD) to TFS 2008 Beta 2 and the ensuing "TFS220059" error messages during the installation.  I worked with Microsoft, they figured out the problem and had me test a fix.

About two weeks ago, the fixes which allowed me to upgrade were publicly released (as mentioned in Buck's blog).  Since then Brian Harry has posted a series of other patches for TFS/Team Explorer 2008 Beta 2.

Considering this is a beta product, Microsoft is being very responsive to supporting the product.  Even if you're just watching to figure out how long to wait after release to adopt TFS 2008, this series of events should make you feel better about how well the product is being supported.


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