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Team System User Group – Meeting Archives
17 September 09 02:17 PM | dmckinstry

The TSUG-VE online Team System User’s Group has meeting archives supporting the recordings from our old meetings for the last several months.  Here is a current inventory in case you’re interested:

  • August 2009 Americas: DB Pro, BIDS and Team Build with John Burns
  • August 2009 EMEA: Team System Custom Controls with Tiago Pasoal
  • July 2009 Americas: Reporting in Team System Made Easy with Steven Borg
  • July 2009 EMEA: VSTS 2010 New Architecture Features with Cameron Skinner
  • June 2009: Real World TFS with Ed Blankenship
  • May 2009: TFS 2010 Project Management with Ian Ceicys
  • April 2009 Americas: Advanced Developer Features in VSTS 2010 with Daryush Laqab [Slides only]
  • April 2009 EMEA: Lessons Learned through Dogfooding with Brian Harry
  • March 2009 Americas: Estimation Madness with Joel Semeniuk
  • March 2009 EMEA: Requirements Management with Thomas Schissler
  • And More!!!!

The EMEA meeting earlier today featuring “Build Automa5tion in TFS 2010 with Martin Woodward” will be posted soon.  If you’re interested, the links are posted on the user group archives page:

You need to sign up and log in to gain access to the page but the sign-up is free, and the only thing we use your email address for is to send monthly meeting announcements and to let you know if you win a raffle prize.

Of course nothing beats being there and being able to ask questions of the presenter.  If you’re interested, Omar Villarreal will be presenting an “Introduction to the TFS Programming API” in a few hours.  (See the TSUG home page for details:

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