Do you have any small ASP.NET Whidbey working demo's

Lately I've been playing around with the Whidbey a bit more, focussing on such things as UrlMapping, WebParts and Profiles.  In that time I've been doing things in a rather ad-hoc manner.

Finding out information about how to do non-trivial stuff can be extremely frustrating and tedious so I've decided to be a bit more structured and create a small web app for each feature that I prototype.  So, I might for example, create a small web application to demonstrate how the new UrlMappings configuration feature works or how the VirtualPathProvider works or whatever.

Here's the offer!

I've created a new group for hosting nothing but ASP.NET Whidbey snippets and demo's:

I'd love the community to get behind this and upload any small projects that you might have which show some feature of the new ASP.NET version in action.  It doesn't have to be big, anything will do.  All projects that get added to ProjectDistributor automatically come through on the site's Rss feed so, people can subscribe to get the latest code. 

If you would like to add projects all you need to do is:


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