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Unloading Assemblies from an appDomain and IsolatedStorage paths.

Here's links to a couple of interesting articles which I've seen today:

1) Why isn't there an Assembly.Unload method?

This is a common question and Jason provides a nice, understandable, definitive answer as to why you cannot Unload Assemblies from an appDomain.

2)  Working with Isolated Storage in .NET

This is interesting although I still haven't found a definitive guide as to what Assembly attributes can cause an IsolatedStorage path to change... I'd be interested to know though!

Update: I found this description about Assembly Identity.  It is the Assembly Identity which is used to help derive the IsolatedStorage path.  It appears that, you wouldn't want to use IsolatedStorage if the location of your application doesn't remain constant (i.e.: each version has it's own sub-folder).

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Justin Rogers said:

Darren, send me an email detailing the code path. Depending on the code-path you take and the scope you set, the attributes that affect the path are different.
# June 1, 2004 4:00 PM