MS Looking for a Graphics Software Architect

A great way to see into the inside of a company is to check out their public job postings.  With all the rumored work being done on the Longhorn UI, I was surprised to see this posting on the MS job site.  It is one hell of a job req, and this person will be critical in developing the future architecture of Graphics on the MS platforms.  Here’s a section that would be of most interest to the general developer:

The Windows division is in the process of essentially replacing the Win32 API and the new graphics architecture is truly the “center” of this effort as it is the one area that it is changing the most dramatically when compared to other technologies within the company of indeed across the industry overall.  The Graphics Architect will play a strong role in defining and architecting the vision for Windows Graphics.

All the info I’ve seen on this topic has been “leaked” reports.  This is the first time that I’ve seen it out in public and on a MS website.  That’s the problem with developing new technologies, is you want to get anyone from the outside you basically have to advertise your future goals in your job postings.  You have to put stuff there that you wouldn’t even consider releasing to the media.

So if you want a glimpse into where a technology company is heading, check out their job postings site, you can get some really good inside info.



  • This techniques and methods to exploit fragments of public information and gain some knowledge about the specific business subject usually called 'industrial intelligence'. ;)

    But what is more important as soon as businesses start to realize that, - the level of publicity is going to change. And that's inevitable now, esp. with all the technology available to extract information from fragments. BTW, this is one of the good applications for the grid computer network.

    Another intresting thought that businesses can also use those postings to deliver desinformation to the competition. I hate to use those military terms, but that's exactly what got your attention...

  • igor,

    What you say is insightful, and it's true that lurking around job offerings, especially software engineering, often details the underlyling frameworks used by a company.

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