OneNote For Blogging

I’m sure others have thought of this, but OneNote would be an excellent tool for a blogging editor, except for the fact that the API isn’t public.  I use OneNote all the time to jot done my blog entries, and then copy and paste them into the my site.  I’d like to create a plugin for OneNote to post to my blog via the SOAP APIs, but since the OneNote APIs are private that can not be done.  Yes I know that I could save it to a mht file, and write a script to parse it and post it to my site, but that’s a kludge.  It would be so much better to do it right from OneNote.  I see that Don Box is creating an XSLT to convert WordML to XHTML, which is another possibility, if I wrap that in a Word Macro that can post to my site.  Maybe that is something that I should tackle this week.

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