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Perspective Sidewalk Art

Here's some pretty nicely done Perspective Sidewalk Art

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Removing HTML Auto-ID-Population in Visual Studio .NET (2003)

I've searched the internet high and low for a solution to this problem.

My current occupation requires me to support the now legacy ASP 3.0 language.  Naturally... my IDE of choice/usage is Visual Studio .NET 2003... it really does a great job of almost everything.  The only major complaint I have is the auto-ID-population of many HTML elements (such as INPUT) when you do a copy and paste with these elements.  I'm sure most of you have seen this major annoyance.  I understand that every element SHOULD have a unique identifier, but I'd rather handle that on my own, not have VS.NET creating a text1, text2, text3 for me, when I just have to go back and change it.

How to reproduce:
just copy and paste this     <input type=text>     into visual studio.net 2003 on a page recognized by the IDE as an HTML page (You are going to have to use the PASTE AS HTML option).... and watch the auto ID creation begin.

I have seen posts from microsoft rep's saying they there is no way to disable this in the current versions.  But with an Visual Studio .NET 2003 API, anything is possible.

So does anyone have a solution, script, crack, or prayer to disable the VS.NET HTML Auto-ID-Population setting?

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