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Removing DotNetNuke copyright message from a DNN site

I have been using ASP.Net extensively to build web applications based on the .Net Framework. In this blog I have been demonstrating with hands-on examples how to use ASP.Net Web Forms and ASP.Net MVC to implement functionality commonly found on ASP.Net web sites.

I have also used DotNetNuke - DNN (the Open Source Web Application Framework of my choice) to build websites.I am also the co-admin of the greek DotNetNuke community and I decided that I will use this space to write a series of posts regarding DotNetNuke. I have decided to keep those posts short. I will provide tips and tricks and answers to questions I often get when I teach about DotNetNuke in open seminars.

I would like to introduce DotNetNuke to you before I move on.DotNetNuke is an Open Source Web Application Framework that is based on ASP.Net.

It is ideal for creating and deploying projects such as:

  • Commercial Web Sites
  • Corporate Intranets and Extranets
  • Online Publishing Portals
  • Other Web Applications

There are 3 DNN editions.DotNetNuke Professional edition,DotNetNuke Enterprise edition and DotNetNuke Community edition. Have a look at a comparison of the various editions here.

I will be using the community edition in all my posts.

In this short post I will show you how to remove the DotNetNuke copyright message from the View source (View -> Page Source) of your DNN site.

Before I move on I must have a working installation of DNN.

I have installed DNN 7.0 in a web server. You can see the default installation and site -

In another post of mine I will demonstrate how to install DotNetNuke 7.0 in your machine or a live web server.

Let's move on with our actual example.

When I view my website - on the browser and right-click on the page (View --> Page Source) I see the following message.

Have a look at the picture below


One question I often get is how to remove that copyright message and the keywords (which certainly will be irrelevant with the keywords we want to add for our specific site)

We login as superuser to our DNN site and then choose Host->Host Settings

Have a look at the picture below


Then I choose Basic Settings, then Appearance.

There is a setting - Show Copyright Credits? - which is checked. We must uncheck this option and click Update.

Have a look at the picture below


When I view my website again and then right-click on the page (View --> Page Source) , I do not see either the DNN copyright message or the keywords which were specific to DNN.

Have a look at the picture below


Please note that you can follow these steps for your DNN 6.0 website.

Hope it helps


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