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Looking into the LINQ Zip operator
In this rather short post I will be demonstrating with a hands-on example the usefulness of the Linq Zip operator. You can find more information on Linq expressions and operators (both in query and method syntax) in this post. I am going to use Visual...
An abundance of LINQ queries and expressions using both the query and method syntax.
In this post I will be writing LINQ queries against an array of strings, an array of integers.Moreover I will be using LINQ to query an SQL Server database. I can use LINQ against arrays since the array of strings/integers implement the IENumerable interface...
How to use extension methods with C# 3.0
In this post I would like to talk about a new feature in C# 3.0 that is called extension methods . Extension methods are used extensively with LINQ, so it is of vital importance that we get a good understanding of extension methods. The reason why extension...
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