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Using stored procedures with Entity Framework in an ASP.Net application
This is going to be the third post of a series of posts regarding ASP.Net and the Entity Framework and how we can use Entity Framework to access our datastore. You can find the first one here and the second one here . I have a post regarding ASP.Net and...
Retrieving data using stored procedures with LINQ to SQL in an ASP.Net application
In this post I would like to present a step by step example on how to use stored procedures with LINQ to SQL. Many people will wonder why I am bothering talking about LINQ to SQL so much. First of all I give a lot of seminars where people want to learn...
Stored procedures with Linq to Sql in an ASP.Net application
In this post, I am going to show with an example how to use LINQ and stored procedures to insert,update and delete records from a particular table. I will use visual studio 2008 to create an application (c# version) that demonstrates how to use...
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