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Cookies in applications
In this post we are going to see a step by step example on how to read,write,delete cookies in websites. Cookies are small pieces of text that you can associate with a website which are transfered down to the user's computer when the user visits...
How to cache an page depending on the user's browser language
This is my second post regarding caching in applications. You can find my other post in caching here . A friend of mine asked me if he can control caching of an page depending on the user's language browser. Let's see how we can accomplish...
Caching an ASP.Net page
The issue of "caching" keeps coming up in my seminars so I though it would be a good idea to write a post. I know it is a well documented feature and widely used but I really believe most people will be able to use this rather simple example and...
Nullable data types in Visual Basic 9.0
I know we are in Visual Studio 2010 and VB 10.0 version of the language-compiler.Most people I know (in my country anyway) work still with VS 2008 and .Net 3.5 SP1 version. In this post I would like to talk about language improvements in visual basic...
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