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Adding search functionality in a GridView in an ASP.Net application
In my seminars I always show how to fetch data from an SQL Server database to some UI controls (usually a GridView control). I use the connected data access model,I use the disconnected data access model (datasets) and obviously I provide samples that...
Creating a Data Access Layer in ASP.Net applications for inserting,selecting,deleting and updating data
In this post I will be continuing my series of posts regarding data access methodologies/technologies that as I call them are pro ORM . I will be demonstrating how to use the connected and the disconnected data access models to retrieve,insert,update...
Retrieve data from an ASP.Net application using Ado.Net 2.0 disconnected model
This is the second post in a series of posts regarding to ADO.Net 2.0. Have a look at the first post if you like. In this post I am going to investigate the "Disconnected" model. When I say "Disconnected" I mean Datasets . Datasets are in memory representations...
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