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Using JQuery Ajax functions to retrieve data from the server
In this post I would like to talk about the great support that JQuery has for Ajax.I have already written another post on my blog regarding the Jquery Ajax functions and how we can get data form the server.In that post we looked into how we can use the...
Using the AutoCompleteExtender control in an Ajax ASP.Net application
In this post I will talk about Ajax again.This time we will use an extender to ajaxify our application.I am going to use the AutoCompleteExtender extender together with a textbox. Inside the extender control I will call a web service (a service method...
How to populate web server controls in ASP.Net applications from a web service
In this post I would like to present you with a very simple example on how to create a simple web service that access data from a database. Then we will create a consuming application that will consume the web service. I will use VS 2010 Ultimate edition...
How to create an Ajax enabled Web Service in ASP.Net
In this post I will try to show you with a detailed example how to create an Ajax enabled Web Service and consume it from client scripts running in a different Web site. It will be a simple example but the principles apply to the most complicated ones...
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