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I have started blogging about mobile software issues here.  A warning:  This site requires registration (which is free) and does not have an RSS feed yet.  And in the interests of full disclosure, I am blogging at the new site “for hire” for the new electronic magazine  It is an interesting concept:  Blogging as actual editorial content.

I do not think the folks in charge completely get blogging and how it best works, but with any luck they will learn.



Nino Benvenuti said:

Glad you're hear blogging about mobile stuff - there needs to be more of us!

# November 19, 2003 9:56 AM

Douglas Reilly said:

Yep, the technology is really pretty great, though most folks do not realize all you can do (and of course, some of the stuff is still harder than it should be...)
# November 19, 2003 9:57 AM