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VS.NET Compact Framework Deployment Issues

I have a problem with deploying .NET CF Framework applications from Visual Studio .NET.  I seek your advice...

I try to deploy to a device and get this error in VS.NET 2003:

"Cannot establish a connection. Be sure the device is physically connected to the development computer."

Apparently, what I did was upgrade to Activesync 3.7.1 AFTER having installed Visual Studio .NET 2003.  Now, according to various sources (see Troubleshooting in this link), you need to uninstall and reinstall Visual Studio .NET (or at least uninstall Smart Device support and reinstall it).  I have done both, and as of yet, to no avail.

I have also copied the ProxyPorts section from a machine that does work.

Before I format my machine, anyone have any thoughts on what I might need to do to get this working?  I really do not want to waste the time reinstalling everything.

UPDATE: Fixed it! After a few more installs/uninstalls, I found this link to the Windows CE Utilities Add-on pack 1.1, and running DelDesktopCryptoKey.exe fixed me all up...


aegir said:

I'm having simular problems ... did you find a solution?
# March 8, 2004 10:14 AM