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January 2004 - Posts

Wow! I am an ASPInsider and a Microsoft MVP!
A few days ago, I was told that I am now an ASPInsider.  And just today, I discovered I am a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET!  I cannot say how excited I am about these twin honors.  I will likely be more excited once I get over this stomach bug...
Stupid Amazon Tricks...

Try this.  In Amazon, search Books for ASP.NET.  The results look plausable, but they are sorted in “Featured Item” order by default.  This generally seems to me to be a way to have the most profitiable item first, so I generally search in “Bestselling” order.  Now that Amazon has indexed books, you get all sorts of wacky results when you search.  For instance, the number one book on ASP.NET (when in Bestselling Order) is The World Almanac For Kids.  Huh?  One of the books listed (number 4 as I look) is Ender's Game, which seems to have a reference to a team named Asp.  Really helpful.

Amazon, give us back our old search!

My other Blog now has an RSS feed...

As some of you may know, I have another blog I write on Mobilized software issues (Pocket PC's, the .NET Compact Framework, SQL Server CE), as I discussed here. (Yes, it does require a free registration to get the full text of the Blog, no, I have not been bombarded by email from them since I registered).  I have finally convinced the folks there that RSS is the key to making the blog successful. Below are the RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 links.

RSS 1.0
RSS 2.0

(Yes, the RSS feeds with descriptions can be obtained without registration).

Just out of curiosity, has everyone moved over to RSS 2.0 these days?  This is something I am way out of the loop on.

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