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November 2004 - Posts

Sort of [OT] - Stopping and smelling the roses (or whatever is nearby)

So, you have heard the expression "Stop and smell the roses" I am sure.  Sometimes there are not roses, as in a recent trip I took to Hawaii.  But the below sufficed:


I have been working pretty much better than full time for the last 5 or 10 years, especially over the last three years, as a consultant and generally billing 40+ hours per week, and of course there were hundreds of hours a year in non-billable time.  I made out OK financially, and mostly I was doing work I enjoyed.

So, what does this have to do with smelling the roses (or other nearby flowers)?  In the last 6 months or so, between a pretty serious surgery, and a general slowdown of work, I have had the opportunity (and in some respects, the need) to do some things that I had not been doing.  I now ride my bike or walk virtually every day.  Riding a bike allows you to see and even smell things you sometimes miss, like a great smelling flowering plant on the side of the road or a peak at the ocean or bay.  Walking has some additional advantages.  I never knew there is a nearby house that has a wonderful fountain in front.  I have met and talked with friends from the neighborhood that I mostly have not talked to since our now grown children went to grade school together.

I am actively enjoying the slower pace, and the timing could hardly be better.  I was weak and out of shape after the surgery (strictly speaking, I was out of shape before surgery as well<g>) and so having the time to walk and get back on the bike was in many respects a wonderful thing.  I had time for a long anticipated vacation as well, thus the flower in Hawaii.  

I have a number of writing gigs as well as some small projects keeping me busy for now a little better than half time.  I have a possible upcoming book, a couple of big projects coming up, and a client who is anxious for me to do some work for them, but has no money until the new year, so I am hopeful I can enjoy this relatively slow time, and look back on it fondly as things heat up.

I encourage you to stop and enjoy some of the things around you even if you are frantically busy.  It will be worth it.

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