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My Next Book...

Though the exact title is news to me (I was thinking Streamlined Web Forms Developement), Bookpool apparently is getting ready to sell my next book (apparently Programming Microsoft Web Forms).

It will be out in November (they say) and will make a great stocking stuffer (I say).

Rob Howard - Database Geek of the Week!

This week, I have posted a very cool Database Geek of the Week Interview with Rob Howard.  From the interview:

Doug: Can you think of a cool tip or trick for the developers who will be working with the latest SQL Server 2005 Beta?

Rob: Easy: the ability of SQL Server 2005 to send notifications to applications when the results of a query, stored procedure or view change. For ASP.NET developers, this feature, coupled with caching, equals database cache invalidation. To be notified when data cached by ASP.NET is no longer valid will fundamentally change the way software is written.

Read the full interview here.

Shawn Wildermuth - Database Geek of the Week!

Shawn Wildermuth is the ADO Guy, and he is now the Database Geek of the Week!

Doug: Where in the development world do you think XML best fits? What have you used it for, in addition to web services?

Shawn: I differ from others in the industry in that I think XML is great structured storage with good support for interoperability and toolsets, but still just structured storage.

One of the most important XML-related technologies is XML schema documents. I use these almost daily to describe data structures. XML has given us a language to describe structure and a way to create structured storage so that we do not have to learn a new technology for every project. That’s the power of XML.

Read the rest here.

William (Bill) Vaughn - Database Geek of the Week!

Bill Vaughn (of the "Hitchhikers Guide..." books fame) is this week's Database Geek of the Week.  Bill has been in the computer biz quite a while, and his insights into early days at Microsoft, especially, are amazingly cool.  He also has lots of experience working with beta products:

Doug: Have you written any code using the ObjectDataSource control in Visual Studio 2005?

Bill: Not yet. That’s targeted for next month. It’s a waste of my time to work with the new Visual Studio tools and toys too early in the product cycle. This is my 12th book, and I’ve been burned too many times by starting my research and writing too soon. We’re still in the “if the function isn’t working by now cut it off” stage of development, so we’re likely to see even more functions fall by the wayside. That will continue to happen right up until release to market if Microsoft follows its usual pattern.

Read the complete interview here.

Bill Bach - Database Geek of the Week

Working in mrimarily .NET shops, SQL Server seems in some ways to define the database universe.  As it happens, there are lots of other database products out there.  Pervasive SQL (based upon the Btrieve record manager) is one of them.  I used to be a real Btrieve geek, many years ago, building lots of applications using the Btrieve API, often hidden within database access classes I created.

Bill Bach is the president of Goldstar Software, a shop devoted to training, support and development of Pervasive SQL database solutions.  Read more here.

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