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September 2005 - Posts

Beta of SQL Dependency Viewer
Red Gate Software has released a beta of a SQL Dependency Viewer.  Download is here. Works independent of the SysDepends table.  I would like some way to re-arrange objects (so that I could more easily isolate a group of dependent objects) but for anyone who understands things better by seeing the relationships between objects, this might well be worth the download (free currently).
Minimizing the Need to Restore a Backup

In part 3 of a series, I talk about things you can do to minimize the need to actually use those SQL Server backups you are carefully creating.  You are carefully creating backups, right?

Read more here.

Gary Mallow - Database Geek of the Week!

Gary is an Oracle guy, who often works with .NET, and sometimes works with SQL Server or even Access. I ran across Gary on a mail list for the Cycling group at my local church.  Geeks are all around us. Gary is one of those folks who has moved to a more senior level, but continues to keep his hand in technical issues.

Doug: Despite your director title, you continue to work in databases. How did you make the transition from technical to technical/managerial?

Gary: I am fortunate to work for a company in which it is common for people at senior levels to do what they loved to do before becoming a manager, be it bench research, software development, whatever.

The complete interview is here.

Itzik Ben-Gan - Database Geek of the Week

When it comes to SQL Server, I am really a bit of a T-SQL man. Sure, I use ADO.NET, and in a pinch can use related tools, but what I really enjoy is seeing what I can do with pure Transact SQL. That is way I was so excited to interview Itzik Ben-Gan, whose knowledge of SQL makes mine seem rather inadequate. From the interview:

Doug: When I interviewed Douglas McDowell, he said that you would be the person to whom I should ask the following question: There are a number of changes to T-SQL built into SQL Server 2005. What are you most excited about?

Itzik: My favorite one, by far, is the ROW_NUMBER() function. This function assigns sequential integers to rows of a resultset, based on a specified order, and optionally within partitions of rows. It sounds like a small thing, but the function has numerous practical applications beyond the obvious ones for ranking and scoring.

See the entire inteview here.

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