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Scott Forsyth - Database Geek of the Week!

Scott Forsyth has a job that is out of the ordinary for database geeks, but what he does can impact many of us.  Scott is the director of IT for ORCS Web, a premier Web Hosting company.  Scott is responsible for helping lots of folks keep their hosted sites running.

Doug: As someone monitoring a number of shared database servers, you must see all kinds of databases, from the elegantly designed and tuned to the ones upsized from Microsoft Access that have field names containing spaces and punctuation marks. From your vantage point, do you have advice on whether to use stored procedures or not?

Scott: That’s a loaded question because it encompasses performance, maintainability, nTeir architecture, and even consideration of the expertise and preferences of the developers. With tools like LLBLGen and other O/R mappers, many complex projects don’t use stored procedures at all. Yet there are many obvious situations in which a stored procedure is essential to performance.

The entire interview is here.


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