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Glenn Johnson - Database Geek of the Week!

Glenn Johnson is the author of Programming Microsoft ADO.NET Applications - Advanced Topics.  He has perhaps more MS certifications than anyone else I know.  From the interview:

Doug: I am in the process of writing an article on the role of technical books in the overall career development of a software developer. Do you think there is still a place for books in this world of ubiquitous Internet access, blogs and so on?

Glenn: I think that there is place for Internet, blogs, and development books. There are plenty of people who simply refuse to read large articles on their computer. For them, the book is the answer. Also, many people like the ability to take the book to places where there is either no Internet access (I'm not sure where that is these days) or no power outlets (like at the airport).

I think that the Internet is a place to go to for specific articles, but a book typically provides a means for more structured learning of a variety of topics.

Complete interview is here.


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