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My Birds of a Feather Session, "Geeks with Cancer and Other Serious Diseases" has been Accepted!

If you are going to Tech Ed, and you are a Geek with Cancer or Other Serious Disease, or you work with one, do consider stopping by my Birds of a Feather session, at 7:45 PM on Tuesday June 13th!  There are 10 million cancer survivors today in the US, most of them back in the workforce.  Add in those managing other serious diseases, and you have a lot of folks, likely a number in your organization.  This raises some serious issues.

We will discuss the issues, both general survivorship issues as well as specific issues for folks who work with computers.  How do you handle the delicate task of talking about your disease?  Who do you tell?  How do you manage treatments along with working?  What about succession planning?

I have an unfortunate amount of experience with dealing with such issues, being a liver cancer survivor since 1998, and currently managing Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. 

I would be especially interested in discussing anyone's experience outside the US.


Wallym said:

Congratulations on being accepted for your talk!!!!!!!!!
# April 14, 2006 11:09 AM