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Tech Ed Lost and Found...


Anyone who was at Tech Ed, if you happen to find a Wedding Ring, with "6-10-78" and "...There is Love" inscribed on the inside, could you see that it gets back to me?

Long story, but in recent months, I have been going through treatments that have caused me to lose lots of weight.  Among the consequences of that is that my wedding ring occasionally falls off.  I resisted folks telling me that I should get it resized, in the hope that I would put the weight back on and then would have to get it sized again.  Silly me.  Sometime on Friday, I lost the ring, never heard or felt it fall off, did not notice it being gone until we hit a resturaunt for dinner Friday night.

Getting it back would be a very nice thing, as I doubt that I will be able to put another 28 years into any replacement ring.  The old ring was frankly a cheap, some would say crappy ring, but having it back would mean the world to me and my long suffering wife, Jean...


Are Software Development Books Obsolete?

I don't think so, as I say here.

The Internet offers any numbers of ways to learn about software development, but it is difficult to do on a Web page the sort of thing that a good book can do.

What do you think?

If you are going to Tech Ed, Do Remember My Birds of a Feather...

It will be "Geeks With Cancer and Other Serious Diseases", and I will have some swag to give away from my friends at Red Gate (the folks who sponsor, the site where my article on cancer survivorship appeared.

Geeks with Cancer and Other Serious Diseases
Day/Time: Tuesday, June 13 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM
Computer folks with cancer and any number of other serious chronic and/or life threatening diseases have some special issues that they need to be concerned about. Making time for treatment, planning for succession should the worst happen present special challenges. This Birds-of-a-Feather will let developers who are dealing with these issues get together and discuss these issues.
Session Type(s): Birds of a Feather
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