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September 2003 - Posts

Forgot to mention...

I got my Viewsonic PocketPC on Wednesday. This thing is soooo cool. I even did up a little Hello World app. It was really easy. I love it. The battery life is huge too...I even played Dashboard Confessional's latest album on it on Thursday, put school quizes into my calendar, read e-mail I'd been meaning to get to, and played a few games of solitaire while waiting for class to start and it wasn't even half of the way gone.

Plus there's the coolness factor. Everybody I showed it to in my calculus class thought that the notes were cool, cause you could literally do a calculus problem in your own handwriting on the thing, then print it out. :)

Now I'm gonna have to come up with excuses to make some of our .NET apps at work PPC enabled. ;) Anybody written any apps for theirs yet?

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Please welcome Wesner Moise to the blogosphere. Wesner's the guy who did the Strings, Arrays, and Pointers Undocumented articles on CodeProject. Brilliant guy... His blog looks very interesting, and seeing as how he's working with Microsoft right now, he'll probably be coming out with more good stuff as PDC time approaches. :)
Just noticed on Neowin...
That MapPoint 2004 is available for MSDN Universal subscribers. Shweet! This is one piece of software I install on my laptop almost instantaneously when I repave. :) Congrats to the MapPoint team!
For those of us dealing with ISOs a lot...
Check this out! Every piece of software we buy that I have installed on my machine, I have run through EZ CD Creator and made ISO images out of. Well, when I need to reinstall stuff, I have, in the past, used ISO Buster. But I noticed when downloading the Office 2003 ISO that ISO Buster isn't free anymore. Oh well, I thought, I'll just use it for 30 days and see if anything else comes up. Well, tonight on CodeProject, this very subject came up, and Chris Ormerod pointed to the tool from Microsoft Downloads above. How sweet is that?! A small tool from Microsoft that mounts an ISO as a drive...way cool. :)
For programmers who hate databases...

I don't know how your job is, but it seems that every app that I write has to do with databases. I can't escape the things. And I'm not one of those people who get their kicks from dealing with ADO.NET or designing a great DB schema. So when Dad suggested that we buy Deklarit, I jumped at the opportunity. This thing is awesome, it's intuitive to use and straightforward to design with. Also, it generates a business framework for you, so that it appears that you're using an OOP library while accessing a relational DB. It's really really cool and I highly recommend it to anybody who works with databases frequently.

For lazy math students...

So I've started school again. One of the classes I have this semester is third semester calculus (3 dimensional stuff, vectors, planes, multiple integration, etc). Well, the class is moving exceedingly slowly and while the professor was explaining the dot product in class, I started writing on paper how I would code a function to calculate dot products. Then I got to thinking that there've gotta be more people like Dr. McCaffrey with his Permutions in .NET article and there's gotta be a math library for .NET somewhere out there. So I searched around for a bit and found this hidden gem: Math.NET.

The library's design is kinda lame(for instance, in the Vector namespace, every class has Vector at the beginning of it.), but hey, it works and has everything I've done in math so far, and more. So I'm happy.  

I hereby dub myself "The Microsoft Tattle-Tale"...

Hey Scoble (and/or anyone else listening from the great halls of Redmond), is this for real? http://www.codeproject.com/lounge.asp?msg=603280#xx603280xx

Is it TRUE ??

that this link,
is to download Windows Server 2003 Enterprise ?

I mean, granted someone has to obtain a serial key for it once they download it...but still, I don't think you guys really want everybody downloading a copy of Win2k3 Enterprise do you? :)

Could somebody tell the folks at MSDN...

That one of their servers just ran out of disk space? http://www.codeproject.com/lounge.asp?msg=600775#xx600775xx

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