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November 2003 - Posts

This is getting scary...

Two posts about VB.NET in two days. Never fear faithful followers, I still speak C#.

Anyway, on to the news. Chris Maunder, aka the way cool guy who runs CodeProject, just sent out the weekly newsletter and I wanted to echo here what he wrote since some or many of you may not be CP members.

Over the years we at CodeProject have given Visual Basic programmers a fairly rough time. Maybe it's because it is such an easy language to learn as opposed to the C++ or C# that the majority of CodeProject readers tool around with. Maybe it's because it was slow and never gave the developer true power. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because you can never really shoot yourself in the foot with such precision and panache as you can with C++.

However, Visual Basic has finally grown up and so we're opening our arms to all VB.NET developers. Over the next few weeks we'll be  reorganising CodeProject to give VB.NET a little more space on the sofa so please - if you have VB.NET articles then send them in! Our submission guidelines are at

So, if you're like Cory (yikes, also the second link to Cory in two days), and just totally in love with VB.NET, I'd like to be one of the first to welcome you to CP. :)

Hey PPC owners...do we qualify for this?

Do those of us who got our Pocket PCs from the VS.NET upgrade offer qualify for this free PPC 2003 upgrade? I was just wondering because technically I didn't buy my PPC and while I did get mine in the time frame, I was wondering if I qualify for that...

Can anybody clear this up for me?

Refactoring in VB...

I probably shouldn't post this at the risk of starting a flame war...but it was too funny to pass up. I think even Cory would like it. ;)

Refactoring with Whidbey (VB.NET)

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