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Trouble installing Vista on my Alienware
Alright, after the PDC I finally decided that it was time to take the plunge and install Vista on my laptop, rather than in VMWare. (That, and the fact that my laptop, like all good dev boxes, is in need of it's quarterly repave.) The problem I'm having, though, is that my laptop is an Alienware Area 51m 7700 series with a Promise FastTrack 378 SCSI RAID controller. That wouldn't be such a big deal except for, when I go to install it (not through XP, but from boot), Vista doesn't recognize my hard drive. So I got the drivers from the Alienware site, unpacked them onto a CD, and used the new Load Driver button in the hard drive selection screen to load up the drivers. Vista install finds the INF file, parses it, shows the available drivers, but when I click on one, it tells me that the driver is either incorrect or that it's missing. Now I know for a fact that it's there, but it won't install no matter what I do.

Has anybody else had the same issue?
Best picture from the PDC...
I think I definitely captured the best pic from the PDC. Add your own caption... ;-)

Scoble at the PDC

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