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September 2006 - Posts

prep cs130; prep cs131a

Another school year, more CSE classes. My class schedule for fall quarter looks like:

  • CSE 130 - Programming Languages. Looks to be the most interesting course. We'll be studying OCaml for 4 weeks. Comparing it to Java for 1. Studying Python for 3 weeks. And finally we'll have a quick look at Prolog (yay!) for 1 week.
  • CSE 131A - Compiler Construction 1. Building an XQuery interpreter in Java. This should be fun. (Except for the Java part) This'll make me appreciate LINQ all the more.
  • Math 109 - Mathematical Reasoning. Upper division Discrete Math. Standard proof stuff. No biggie.

CSE 131A necessitates that I venture back into the realm of Eclipse. Since everything at this school is in Java, I've resigned myself to a life of saying "I wish this worked more like Visual Studio." Of course, there are some things that I like about Eclipse where I think the opposite. But those are few and far between.

So since I have to use Eclipse for CSE 131A, I was thinking it'd be really slick if I could do all the OCaml work I have to do in CSE 130 in Eclipse as well. I'll see about Python and Prolog later.

So I stumbled across EclipseFP, which is a plugin for functional language support in Eclipse. This is fantastic. I'll be able to do OCaml development in the same environment as I develop my XQuery interpreter.

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