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August 2006 - Posts

Cleared Microsoft - Aspiring Software Architect Program Certification

Microsoft Architect Accredition

Microsoft India Recongnizes me

For the sucessfull completion of Microsoft - Aspiring Software Architect Program in FY06

Breifly about ASAP Program: The ASAP Course completed provides the key architecture skills and information that enables to create the right soultions for clients business problems. It also helps to drive technical leadership and guidance to the developer team.


How to determine who has sa or dbo privileges in SQL Server

Login to SQL Server using Query analyzer and execute following commands under “master” database


sp_helpsrvrolemember 'SYSADMIN'


Who ever comes under this result set will be able to do all the activities inside that sql server instance.



For Database level dbo previlages, execute


sp_helprolemember 'db_owner'

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