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  • Call for Abstracts for Spring 2012 ClientDev Connections Conference

    John Papa and I just sent out a call for abstracts for the upcoming Spring 2012 DevConnections conference to be held in Las Vegas, NV. If you’re interested in presenting on client-side development topics such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery (or another JavaScript library), Silverlight 5, Windows 8 Metro style app development, or other related topics please submit session ideas. If you know someone else who may be interested, please forward the information. Here’s the official announcement that was sent out.


  • WCF RIA Services DomainContext Abstraction Strategies–Say That 10 Times!

    The DomainContext available with WCF RIA Services provides a lot of functionality that can help track object state and handle making calls from a Silverlight client to a DomainService. One of the questions I get quite often in our Silverlight training classes (and see often in various forums and other areas) is how the DomainContext can be abstracted out of ViewModel classes when using the MVVM pattern in Silverlight applications. It’s not something that’s super obvious at first especially if you don’t work with delegates a lot, but it can definitely be done. There are various techniques and strategies that can be used but I thought I’d share some of the core techniques I find useful.


  • Silverlight Firestarter Event on December 2nd–Streamed Live!

    If you’re interested in getting started with Silverlight development or enhancing your existing skills check out the upcoming Silverlight Firestarter event running December 2, 2010. The event can be attended live in Redmond, WA or viewed online (both for free). Sign-up for the event here. I’m excited about the opportunity to speak at the event along with Scott Guthrie, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Jesse Liberty, Jaime Rodriguez,  Yavor Georgiev and others.


  • New Article – Getting Started with WCF RIA Services

    Microsoft’s been hard at work on a new distributed data framework now called WCF RIA Services.  I recently finished up a new article for Dr. Dobbs and Information Week that provides an overview of WCF RIA Services including the following topics:

    • Using WCF RIA Services in Silverlight projects
    • Code that’s generated by WCF RIA Services
    • Customizing operations
    • Calling WCF RIA Services from Silverlight
    • Integrating WCF RIA Services into a ViewModel class
    • Validating data using WCF RIA Services

    Click the image below to read the full article:



  • Need a Little Help from My Developer Friends Out There!

    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted! It looks like I'll be presenting on Syncing Audio, Video and Animations in Silverlight Applications at MIX10.

    Mix10_Vote_blk_240 MIX10 is right around the corner which should be a lot of fun especially if you’re interested in Web and Rich Internet Application (RIA) development.  If you’re not into development then the conference is held in Las Vegas so you can still have a good time while seeing a bunch of us software developer types hang out and get all “giddy” over technology.

    I submitted a few sessions this time around and could use some help getting votes for the sessions since the votes will carry a lot of weight I hear.  I know…probably cheesy to say “go vote for my sessions”…it’d be much cooler if I could say “go vote for my sessions and you’ll get an XBox 360 or PS3” but I don’t think my wife would be onboard with that one.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d be looking for a new home at that point.

    So, without any good incentive other than getting a chance to vote, if you have a minute please go and vote for any of the sessions below (or other sessions that interest you as long as they’re presented by  Dan Wahlin) whether you’re planning to go to MIX10 or not.  I’ll definitely owe you one.  And, do me a favor and have your friends vote too! Just tell them that the check’s in the mail. :-)

    Tales from the Trenches: Building a Real-World Silverlight Line of Business Application (Vote Here)

    Silverlight provides a great deal of functionality that can be used to build robust Line of Business (LOB) applications for companies. In this session Silverlight MVP Dan Wahlin will discuss lessons learned while building a real-world enterprise Silverlight LOB application. Topics covered include best practices for coding and architecture, communicating between components and layers, data access dos and don'ts, error logging, gracefully applying animations and other media effects into an application, plus more. If you're interested in hearing real-world insight and tips and tricks that can help you save time building your LOB applications then plan on attending this event.

    Getting Started with the MVVM Pattern in Silverlight Applications (Vote Here)

    If you're already building Silverlight applications or interested in getting started with Silverlight you may wonder what best practices and architecture patterns should be used. In this session Silverlight MVP Dan Wahlin will break-down the MVVM pattern in easy to understand terms and demonstrate the benefits it offers for Silverlight applications. Key concepts found in the MVVM pattern will be discussed as well as other important technologies such as commanding and event buses. Code samples shown will demonstrate each concept along the way so that you understand how the different pieces fit together. If you're interested in learning best practices and seeing how to write more modular and loosely coupled Silverlight application code this session is for you!

    Increase Ajax Developer Productivity with ASP.NET Ajax Client Templates (Vote Here)

    Although Ajax provides end users with a rich and interactive application experience, it can be challenging for developers that retrieve data from services since all of the data binding normally done on the server-side is now done on the client-side. As a result, a lot of custom JavaScript and HTML has to be written. In this session Dan Wahlin will demonstrate how the new client templates feature in ASP.NET Ajax Library can simplify the process and significantly increase your productivity. Learn how to work with client-side data views, define templates, create data converters, work with template parameters, two-way bindings, plus more.

    Leverage ASP.NET MVC 2 Ajax Features (Vote Here)

    The ASP.NET MVC framework provides a lot of functionality that can be used to build efficient web applications. In this session, Dan Wahlin will dive into the Ajax functionality built into theASP.NET MVC framework and demonstrate how it can be used to enhance the end user experience. Learn how to leverage Ajax forms, JsonResult objects combined with REST calls, integrate jQuery into your applications, use client-side templates from the ASP.NET Ajax Library, plus more.

    Syncing Audio, Video and Animations in Silverlight Applications (Vote Here)

    Silverlight provides a robust framework for integrating audio, video and animations into applications but how do you keep them all in-sync? In this session Silverlight MVP Dan Wahlin will discuss an animation project created for a Fortune 500 company and demonstrate tips and tricks that can be used to keep various assets synced so that audio and video clips can be started at specific times as a storyboard plays. Topics covered include working with timers, segregating large storyboards into user controls, defining sync points using XML, generating markers using Expression Encoder, integrating closed captioning into an application, plus more.

    Integrating WCF RIA Services into the MVVM Pattern in Silverlight Applications (Vote Here)

    WCF RIA Services provides a flexible yet simple way to integrate distributed data and data rules into your applications while minimizing the complexity associated with asynchronous calls. In this session Silverlight MVP Dan Wahlin will demonstrate how WCF RIA Services can be used along with the MVVM pattern to access and bind data in applications. Topics covered include WCF RIA Services features as well as how ViewModel and Service Agent classes can leverage RIA Services to simplify the data binding process. Integrating built-in and custom data validation rules into an application will also be discussed along with best practices for using WCF RIA Services within applications that follow the MVVM pattern.

    Print Silverlight 3 or higher screens and generate PDF documents with SmartPrint for Silverlight.



  • DevConnections Conference Code and Slides


    I’m in Las Vegas this week for the DevConnections conference and wanted to get the slides and code posted for the talks as I give them.  This time around I’m talking about Silverlight (including a full-day workshop), the new Microsoft Ajax Library script loader and template features and RIA Services. 


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