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  • XML Namespace URIs

    I came across an article discussing the need (or lack of) for XML namespace URIs on that was interesting especially if you’ve worked with a lot of different namespace URIs over the years.  While I don’t necessarily agree with several of the statements made (read it yourself to form your own opinion though), there were some points that made sense especially when it comes to determining if you really need namespaces in a particular XML document. 

  • Indigo Video on MSDN

    MSDN recently released a great introductory video on Indigo.  Definitely worth the….watch….if you’re interested in seeing the future of messaging.

  • Another Indigo Video

    Robert Scoble added a comment to my initial Indigo video post and let me know of another one located on the Channel 9 site.  Steve Millet gives a nice overview of Indigo (with demo) which I'd recommend even if you're not interested in learning more about Indigo and just want to know more about security as well as the contract first methodology for SOAs.  You may get a little sea-sick with the camera moving around some during the code demo but it helped keep me more focused. :-)

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