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  • Providing Visual Feedback in AJAX Applications

    I recently completed a new article for .NET Insight that discusses different ways to provide visual feedback to end users as asynchronous postback requests are made from AJAX-enabled pages.  The first technique discussed is the UpdateProgress control which is extremely simple to get going and doesn't require any knowledge of JavaScript out of the box.  The second technique uses the PageRequestManager client-side class to animate an UpdatePanel as a partial-page update occurs.  The article and associated code can be viewed at the following URL:



  • Fixing Firefox Slowness with localhost on Vista (or XP with IPv6)

    I've been doing a lot of cross-browser testing lately for AJAX applications and Firefox has been killing me since it takes several seconds to load a single page when using localhost URLs on Windows Vista.  Internet Explorer 7 and Safari have been blazing fast with the same pages so I finally took the time to research the issue with Firefox and came across the following information:

    It turns out that the slowness is caused by an IPv6 issue with DNS and can easily be resolved by turning IPv6 support off in Firefox while doing localhost testing.  To make the change, type about:config in the address bar, locate the network.dns.disableIPv6 setting and double-click on it to set it to true.  This does the trick for the Firefox localhost issue on Vista and everything is running fast again.


  • Article: Master Pages Tips and Tricks


    I recently finished a new article on Master Pages tips and tricks that covers different things you can do with Master Pages such as using the MasterType directive, working with base classes, and handling nested Master Page design issues in VS.NET 2005.  The article also discusses a technique published awhile back on my blog for sharing Master Pages across IIS applications.  The article is available on the Website. 

    Additional code covering different tips and tricks for Master Pages can be found here.


  • Scott Guthrie Speaking in Phoenix on Silverlight

    If you're available Wednesday, June 27th I highly recommend taking the time to attend Scott Guthrie's presentation.  If you've never heard Scott speak before he's extremely knowledgable and fun to listen to so I can guarantee you'll enjoy it.  Here's more information about the event (which is free) as well as a link to the registration site:

    AZGroups, a professional association for computer programmers in the Southwest, has one big meeting annually that brings the very best talent in the industry to Arizona.  This year it will be held on Wednesday, June 27th from 8am to 4:30pm at Symphony Hall in downtown Phoenix.  It's a free event open to the public.  The main speaker this year will be Scott Guthrie, the original creator of Microsoft's ASP.NET architecture.  He is a general manager at Microsoft over many areas of developer technology including ASP.NET, IIS, ASP.NET Ajax, and Silverlight.  His presentation will center on the newest video and web technology that has been anounced at recent conferences including NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and MIX.  Scott is not your average general manager, being incredibly proficient in these technologies, and will demonstrate a hands-on approach to using them effectively.  It will be time well spent for any IT manager, web designer, or developer that has an interest in the latest technology from Microsoft.  To register for the event, just surf to



  • New Column on ASP.NET AJAX, Web Services/WCF and Silverlight

    Over the past month I've been writing articles for a new column in the .NET Insight and Web Design and Development Insight newsletters published by 1105 Media (a parent company for several media groups) that covers ASP.NET AJAX, XML Web Services/WCF, and Silverlight.  The articles are designed to be very focused so that you learn things quickly without having to scroll through pages and pages of text to learn a single concept.  The first 3 articles have been published and are available at the links below.  Four more articles are on the way.

    Upcoming articles will cover various aspects of the UpdatePanel, Timer and UpdateProgress controls and explore how the client-side PageRequestManager can be used to provide visual feedback to end users.  As the articles progress I'll discuss ASP.NET AJAX and Web Services as well as Silverlight.  If you have specific topics you're interested in seeing related to AJAX, Web Services or Silverlight let me know by adding a comment. 

    You can subscribe to these newsletters here if you're interested. 



  • Sample Application Available

    Microsoft's .NET & Connected Systems Evangelism team recently released all of the source code for their application.  If you're interested in learning .NET 3.0 technologies as well as the new 3.5 stuff coming out, this is a great application to run and explore.  James Conrad's team put together a great set of sample code that shows how "you can develop a connected application using several new Microsoft technologies, including: IIS7, ASP.NET Ajax Extensions, Linq, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Powershell, and the .NET Compact Framework".

    There's no better way to learn how these technologies can be used together than by walking through a real application and picking it apart.  In addition to the application, they've also released several labs that target VS.NET Orcas Beta 1 covering the following topics. 

    • JSON with ASP.NET AJAX and WCF
    • Developing Dynamic Data-Driven Websites
    • Using DLinq (Linq to SQL) with the .Net 3.5
    • Syndication using WCF
    • Workflow Services using WCF

    They'll also be releasing videos about the application.  I'll more than likely make some videos of my own that walk through the application as well in the near future.


  • Book: Professional ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Released

    Matt Gibbs and I recently released a new book for WROX titled Professional ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX that covers all the topics you need to know to build robust ASP.NET AJAX applications.  Matt is a development manager for ASP.NET (and led the ASP.NET AJAX team) and I've had the opportunity to be involved with the product since the early alphas. We put a lot of work into the book so hopefully everyone finds it useful and educational....don't let the cover scare you away. :-) 

    Here's the book's outline:

    • Chapter 1: Developing Next-Generation Web Applications
    • Chapter 2: Partial Page Updates
    • Chapter 3: JavaScript for the ASP.NET Developer
    • Chapter 4: Understanding the ASP.NET AJAX Client Library
    • Chapter 5: Using the ScriptManager
    • Chapter 6: ASP.NET AJAX Networking
    • Chapter 7: ASP.NET AJAX Application Services
    • Chapter 8: Rich AJAX Toolkit Controls
    • Chapter 9: Testing and Debugging ASP.NET AJAX Applications
    • Chapter 10: Deploying ASP.NET AJAX Applications
    • Chapter 11: Building Custom Controls



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