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  • Speaking at ASP.NET Connections in Las Vegas

    I'll be speaking at the ASP.NET Connections conference next week in Las Vegas and always like to post the slides and content for those that come (and those who can't come).  If you've never been it's a great conference that has a ton of in-depth content.  It's definitely my favorite conference.

    I'll be giving a pre-conference workshop on Silverlight and two other regular talks:

    Slides and code can be downloaded from the above links.


  • Speaking on Silverlight and Web Services in Los Angeles Area

    I'm going to be speaking on behalf of Interface Technical Training and INETA this week at two Los Angeles area user groups.  The first talk is at Manhattan Beach, CA on October 2nd and will cover calling Web Services asynchronously in .NET 2.0.  The next talk is at Buena Park, CA on October 3rd and will cover building Silverlight applications. More details about the talks are shown next. 

    Synchronous and Asynchronous Web Services in .NET 2.0

    The advent of Web services has started a revolution that allows applications to communicate regardless of language or platform. This talk will discuss how synchronous and asynchronous calls can be made to Web services using features in .NET 2.0. The discussion will explain synchronous and asynchronous pros and cons and show the code necessary to use each technique in .NET applications.

    Slides and Code

    Integrating Silverlight with ASP.NET AJAX and Web Services

    This talk will discuss Microsoft’s new Silverlight 1.0 technology and explore how you can use it to build rich Web-based applications.  Throughout the talk you’ll see the role that XAML plays, different XAML animation and transformation techniques, how JavaScript can be used to communicate with Silverlight objects, and how you can display data from different data sources including's Web Service using  ASP.NET AJAX integration techniques.

    If you're new to Silverlight and are looking to get a jump-start on the technology I'll start out by covering fundamental concepts and provide a step-by-step approach to building Silverlight applications.  I'll then dive into a Silverlight application and discuss how it was created so that you can learn about several different Silverlight concepts by example.

    Slides and Code



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