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What If I Don’t Call Dispose() on my LINQ to SQL DataContext Object? by dwahlin

I’ve written a few posts about LINQ to SQL and am generally a big fan of the technology (even with its weaknesses) since it’s very productive.  After creating a custom DataContext object using the LINQ to SQL designer (or one created by hand) I always...
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Using LINQ to SQL XML Mapping Files – Step by Step by dwahlin

.NET 3.5’s LINQ to SQL functionality provides a great way to write data access layer code that automatically handles mapping relational data to object properties.  Although I generally prefer to use stored procedures when performing insert, update...

Introduction to Layout Controls in Silverlight 2 by dwahlin

Arranging controls on a user interface in a flexible manner is key to building successful applications.   Silverlight 2 provides three main controls that can be used for layout management: · Canvas Control · StackPanel Control · Grid Control In this...
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Syncing a Windows Mobile Device Emulator with Vista’s Mobile Device Center by dwahlin

I started working on a Windows Mobile application on Vista and couldn’t get the emulator to sync property with the Mobile Device Center. I’d synced device emulators long ago on XP with ActiveSync but just couldn’t get it working like I wanted on Vista...
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