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  • AlbumViewer Application for Silverlight 2 Released

    Back in the early days when Silverlight still had the WPF/e code name I put together a sample application that showed how to access album data from to display a 3D carousel.  When Silverlight 1 was released I upgraded it which was straightforward since JavaScript was used for just about everything anyway.  I’ve had a Silverlight 2 version available for a few months now but had to wait until the official release to make it available (and had some other priorities :-)).  The upgrade was quite a bit more involved this time around since I had to convert all of the JavaScript to C#.  It still went really smoothly although I’m certain that many improvements can be made. 


  • Silverlight Toolkit Overview and Samples

    Controls are where it’s at these days in the programming world.  By using them you maximize re-use, enhance productivity and avoid building custom functionality.  Plus, when you need a control to do something different you can always extend it rather than writing everything from scratch.


  • New .NET Logo

    I just came across the new .NET logo and have to say that I like it since it’s cleaner than the old logo and more professional looking.  The original logo was 8 years old so it was time for something new anyway.  Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:


  • Adding Style to Silverlight 2 Controls

    Silverlight 2 provides a nice set of controls that can be used to capture and display data. While control properties can be set directly on the control in a XAML file using attributes, some properties will be duplicated between controls causing maintenance headaches. The following example demonstrates this problem:


  • Speaking on Silverlight 2 at the Hawaii .NET User Group


    I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a lot of cool places around the world but you can’t beat speaking in Hawaii!  I’ve looked forward to this trip for quite awhile since I get to talk about a brand new technology in a really nice location. Thanks to everyone that attended.  We had a great crowd with a lot of questions and interest in Silverlight 2.  For those that made it (or for those of you who are interested) you’ll find the slides here and code samples here.  The talk covered the following topics.

    - Creating Silverlight 2 Projects in Visual Studio 2008

    - XAML Fundamentals

    - Using Silverlight 2 Layout and User Input Controls

    - Defining and Using Styles

    - Data Binding and Networking Support

    - Animation Features

    The content is based on a new Silverlight 2 class I wrote that we’re offering at The Wahlin Group.


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