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Professional Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET Developers Released by dwahlin

My latest co-author effort titled Professional Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET Developers is now out…just received my copies today.  I had the opportunity to collaborate with 3 really cool guys from Microsoft UK (Jonathan Swift, Chris Barker and Salvador...
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Free Webinar – Increase Productivity with .NET and LINQ by dwahlin

I’ll be giving a free Webinar titled “Increase Productivity with .NET and Language Integrated Query (LINQ)” next week so if you have 40 minutes and are interested in learning more about LINQ feel free to sign-up and attend.  Here are more details...
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Tips for Being More Productive by dwahlin

Ever noticed how some people always act busy but get little “real” work done?  There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive.  I won’t claim to be a time management expert, but here are a few things I’ve been doing that have...
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Custom ASP.NET Server Controls and Language Localization by dwahlin

One of the products my company sells is an ASP.NET server control called SmartChart that generates OrgCharts from hierarchical data sources.  Up until recently the vast majority of our sales were to companies in the US so we never worried much about...
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Silverlight 2 Runtime and SDK Control Source Code Released by dwahlin

Microsoft just released the source code for the Silverlight 2 runtime and SDK controls.  Anyone who says they’re not contributing to the world of code definitely needs to take a closer look since they’ve released a ton of code from .NET, ASP.NET...
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