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Reducing Code by Using jQuery Templates by dwahlin

Nearly every language out there uses templates in some shape or form to minimize the amount of code that has to be written in an application. By using templates you can define a template structure once and use it to generate code, HTML or other formats...

Migrating a Silverlight Application to Windows Phone 7 by dwahlin

I’m amazed at how quickly Windows Phone 7 applications can be developed. It’s really nice to leverage existing skills and apply them directly to phone development. In my previous post I provided a high-level look at what Windows Phone 7 has to offer and...

Getting Started with Windows Phone 7 Development by dwahlin

Mobile phone development has exploded over the past few years and with the release of Windows Phone 7 there's a new mobile platform available that offers an extremely productive way to build applications and games. With Windows Phone 7 you can build Silverlight...

Getting the IE9 Beta to Play Well with Visual Studio 2010 by dwahlin

I’ve been playing with IE9 quite a bit lately and really like what I’m seeing in the browser. It’s fast, standards compliant (from what I’ve seen so far anyway), sleek and leaves a lot of room to display web content. However, I’ve been running into problems...

Code and Slides from DevConnections Las Vegas Talks by dwahlin

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions this week at DevConnections in Las Vegas. I had a ton of fun hanging out with friends and meeting new people at the different talks. Next up is DevConnections Orlando in March of 2011 – looking forward to it...

Code From My Silverlight Workshop at DevConnections Las Vegas by dwahlin

Thanks to everyone who attended my Silverlight workshop at DevConnections in Las Vegas and to John Papa for taking the time to come talk with me. I always have a lot of fun meeting new people and hearing about applications people are building. The sample...
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