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Creating a Line Chart using the HTML 5 Canvas by dwahlin

Interested in learning more about the HTML5 canvas? Check out my Pluralsight course: The HTML 5 canvas is capable of rendering lines, shapes, images, text and more without relying on a plugin. Although the canvas element isn’t supported by older browsers...
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Using IIS Express to Secure Silverlight and WCF Applications by dwahlin

I’ve been using IIS Express lately with Silverlight and WCF services and have learned to appreciate the “real-world” advantage it gives you versus the built-in Visual Studio “Cassini” server. Although I’ve always preferred to use IIS whenever possible...

Integrating Security Roles into Silverlight Applications–TechEd 2011 Talk by dwahlin

I had the opportunity to give a talk at TechEd 2011 about integrating security roles, user names, etc. into Silverlight applications which is always a fun experience. Because Silverlight runs in a sandbox and doesn’t have direct access to the IPrincipal...

Getting Started with the HTML 5 Canvas by dwahlin

Rendering complex graphs or designs to the Web has always been a challenge that has typically been solved by using images, server-side processes or plugins such as Silverlight or Flash. Although drawing charts with straight lines has never been a problem...
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