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Reducing JavaScript Code Using jsRender Templates in HTML5 Applications by dwahlin

Back in November of 2010 I wrote a post titled Reducing Code using jQuery Templates that demonstrated how jQuery Templates could be used to reduce significant amounts of JavaScript code. Although the topics and code discussed in that post are still valid...
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A Few of My Favorite HTML5 and CSS3 Online Tools by dwahlin

I really enjoy coding up HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript applications but there are some things that I’m better off writing with the help of a development tool. For example, CSS3 gradients aren’t exactly the most fun thing to write by hand and the same could...
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New Pluralsight Course: Introduction to Building Windows 8 Metro Applications by dwahlin

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a new Windows 8 Metro app development course for Pluralsight with my good friend John Papa . We had a lot of fun making the course together and diving into key concepts that you need to know to build XAML...

HTML5, JavaScript, and Windows 8 Metro Talk Slides from DevConnections Las Vegas by dwahlin

  I had a great time at DevConnections Las Vegas this year and really enjoyed hanging out with existing friends as well as making some new friends. Thanks to everyone who attended my workshop and sessions. The slides from the different sessions are...

Video: HTML5 and JavaScript Tips by dwahlin

I had the opportunity to present at the HTML5 Web Camp event in Phoenix, Arizona last month with Michael Palermo (one of my favorite speakers) and the recording of the event is now available online. Thanks to Scott Cate and the EventDay staff for taking...
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