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Working with the JavaScript “this” Keyword by dwahlin

JavaScript's "this" keyword can be a bit tricky to work with depending on the context in which it's used. When it's used with patterns such as the Prototype or Revealing Prototype patterns working with "this" can be challenging in...

Using the JavaScript Prototype Property to Structure and Extend Code by dwahlin

There are several different patterns that can be used in JavaScript to structure code and make it more re-useable, more maintainable, and less subject to naming collisions. Patterns like the Revealing Module Pattern, Prototype Pattern, Revealing Prototype...

New Pluralsight Course - Structuring JavaScript Code in HTML5 Applications by dwahlin

I just released a new course for Pluralsight titled Structuring JavaScript Code in HTML5 Applications that covers different techniques, strategies, and patterns that can be used when working with JavaScript to encapsulate code, provide better re-use,...
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Silverlight 5 Released with a lot of Great New Features by dwahlin

Silverlight 5 was released today and there are a ton of great new features available in this release. You can download the Silverlight 5 tools for Visual Studio 2010 SP1 here . One of the coolest new features is the built-in support Silverlight 5 now...
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