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Code and Slides from my Fall 2012 DevConnections Talks by dwahlin

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at the Fall 2012 DevConnections conference in Las Vegas. There was a ton of interest in different JavaScript and HTML5 topics. Here’s a picture taken after finishing up my first talk. The second one was packed...

Getting Started with TypeScript – Classes, Static Types and Interfaces by dwahlin

I had the opportunity to speak on different JavaScript topics at DevConnections in Las Vegas this fall and heard a lot of interesting comments about JavaScript as I talked with people. The most frequent comment I heard from people was, “I guess it’s time...

Working with Tile Notifications in Windows 8 Store Apps – Part I by dwahlin

One of the features that really makes Windows 8 apps stand out from others is the tile functionality on the start screen. While icons allow a user to start an application, tiles provide a more engaging way to engage the user and draw them into an application...
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