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  • TypeScript Fundamentals Course Released on

    Over the past few months I’ve have been digging into TypeScript and learning the ins and outs of the language. If you’re new to TypeScript, it’s a language that provides a way to write modular code that includes support for types (string, number, bool, etc.) and compiles down to JavaScript. It’s definitely interesting especially if you’d like to catch issues upfront rather than after the fact. For more information on TypeScript check out my Getting Started with TypeScript – Classes, Static Types and Interfaces post.


  • What's Hot in the World of JavaScript and SPAs?

    Client-side development continues to be more and more popular which is both good and bad for developers. It's good (great!) because we have more power than ever at our fingertips. It's bad because it can be challenging to stay up-to-speed with all of the libraries and frameworks being released (I call that job security). I hear some developers complaining about Web development and all of the script libraries being released but I personally think it provides us with a lot of choice and flexibility, not to mention enhanced productivity. I’d rather have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of scripts as opposed to only a handful.


  • The Role of Interfaces in TypeScript

    In my last post I talked about how classes and interfaces could be extended in the TypeScript language. By using TypeScript’s extends keyword you can easily create derived classes that inherit functionality from a base class. You can also use the extends keyword to extend existing interfaces and create new ones. In the previous post I showed an example of an ITruckOptions interface that extends IAutoOptions. An example of the interfaces is shown next:


  • Extending Classes and Interfaces using TypeScript

    imageIn a previous post I discussed the fundamentals of the TypeScript language and how it can be used to build JavaScript applications. John Papa has also started a nice series of posts on the subject that go along with the new TypeScript Fundamentals course that he and I co-authored for Pluralsight. TypeScript is all about strongly-typed variables and function parameters, encapsulation of code, and catching issues upfront as opposed to after the fact to provide more maintainable code bases. One of the great features it offers is the ability to take advantage of inheritance without having to be an expert in JavaScript prototypes, constructors, and other language features (although I certainly recommend learning about those features regardless if you use TypeScript or not).


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