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Using ADO.NET in an N-Layer Application Architecture by dwahlin

I'm teaching a C# programming course this week at Interface Technical Training and promised that I'd post some demo code that demonstrates how to segregate code into multiple layers (presentation, business, and data) while using ADO.NET. The code can...
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Video: Creating an N-Layer ASP.NET Application (Updated) by dwahlin

In this video tutorial I walk through the fundamentals of creating an N-Layer ASP.NET application. What's "N-Layer" you ask? N-Layer can be interpreted many different ways, but I generally use the term to mean separating presentation, business...

Video: Minimize Code with TableAdapters and Strongly-Typed DataSets by dwahlin

One of the talks I gave at the 2006 ASP.NET Connections conference in Las Vegas covered using TableAdapters and strongly-typed DataSets. TableAdapters offer a great way to create a data-tier that work with stored procedures or inline SQL without writing...
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