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Early Version of New Song – Need Some Lyrical Help by dwahlin

I’ve written and recorded a lot of songs over the years but never released them until I felt they were close to finished (mixed, mastered, proper effects, etc.).  I’ve had an early version of a new song I’m working on sitting here for a few months...
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New Song Released: Learning to Fall by dwahlin

This post was published back during elections in 2008 - time flies. Same old problems though. This is one of those “take a break from technology” posts to write about some non-technical stuff I play around with from time to time (although it does involve...
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Silverlight - The Song by dwahlin

About 6 months ago my good friend Spike Xavier and I got together on a Saturday to work on a new song since we like to get away from programming now and then and mess around with music for fun. It'd been awhile since we released our last song titled No...
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New Song: Story of Your Life (Updated) by dwahlin

All code and no play makes me a dull boy I'm told (mainly by my wife) so I've been getting back into song writing and recording a little over the past few months as time permits. I recently finished up a new song called Story of Your Life that was recorded...
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New Song Released - No More DLL Hell by dwahlin

No More DLL Hell (mp3) Written and Performed By : Dan Wahlin & Spike Xavier For those unfamiliar with the term "DLL Hell" (that's pretty much anyone who isn't a software developer), it's a term used by programmers to refer to versioning problems with...
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New Song Released - No Shame in Crying by dwahlin

No More Shame in Crying (mp3) Written and Performed By : Dan Wahlin Lyrics : Dan Wahlin Guitar Contributions : Spike Xavier, Peter Horan I'm not exactly sure why I decided to write this song or where the idea came from. After thinking about it awhile...
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Playing Around with Song Writing and Recording Again by dwahlin

Reality (mp3) Written and Performed By: Dan Wahlin Lyrics: Heedy Wahlin (with a little input from me). She also gave tons of great input on a lot of different things from sounds, to melody, to rhythms. The lyrics for the song are shown below. Production...
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