Free Copies of Vista Business and Office 2007 Professional for Watching Webcasts

I just came across Microsoft's new Website and it looks like there's some great free stuff available in exchange for getting educated on Vista and Office 2007.  If you watch 3 Webcasts you can get a free copy of Vista Business edition or Office 2007 Professional (depending upon which 3 Webcasts you watch).  Here's part of the fine print about getting the freebies:

"To be eligible to receive Windows Vista Business, you must register at and participate in at least three (3) qualifying Webcasts and/or virtual lab sessions within 30 days of registration. To be eligible to receive Microsoft Office Professional 2007, you must register at and participate in at least three (3) qualifying web casts and/or virtual lab sessions within 30 days of registration."

Not a bad deal at all from what I've seen.  Read more about it at the Website.  From what I've heard to this point there are limited amounts of goodies being given out so if you're interested I'd sign-up soon.  Update:  After looking through the "fine print" more it looks like the offer is only valid in the U.S. unfortunately.  That's a bummer for everyone else I realize but if you're interested in learning more the videos are free (OK...I'm trying to put a positive spin on it for those outside of the U.S....I admit it). :-)

If you're interested in seeing more about Vista and Office 2007 check-out this very informative (yet somewhat disturbing) video.

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  • "Why do I have to provide my Social Security Number on a W9 form to receive my gift?
    The combined retail value for participants who register and qualify for both the Microsoft Office and Windows Vista offer is $798. IRS rules require that any gift over $600 is taxable which requires us to collect W9 information from participants and to file a 1099 with the IRS for the value of both products. This is why you received an email that directed you to a secure website to provide that information and we must receive it before shipping your product."

    Sounds fishy?

  • What a pitty it is only available in US :-(

    But never the less it seams that the resources are quite interesting.

  • Opps. Looks like the forgot to include, like, the rest of the world.

  • Yeah...I agree about it being a bummer it's only available in the U.S. I just re-read the fine print and see that at the top. I guess the only consolation prize is that there are some good free educational videos for those that are interested. :-)

  • Someone commented (which I promptly deleted since it was a ridiculous comment) that the site listed above is just a phishing site.  Not true....some people just love to spread rumors I guess.  I agree it's odd that they need a SSN number but given the amount of legal counsel Microsoft has access to I suspect it's for some IRS requirement.

  • Oh, and it isn't available if your employer is an MS partner, or participates in the Microsoft Developer Network... That probably rules out many of the people they are trying to target. I got all the way to reading the fine print, and was then pretty bummed out.

  • Wow, great!

    ..if all developers in the world (or at least me) lived in the US. Darn.

  • I think that it just might be a phishing site. It's not like microsoft to have you sign in with .net and have it display your name as guest...

  • Once's not a phishing site people. I wouldn't have posted it otherwise. I've confirmed with our .NET developer evangelist here in the Phoenix area that it is a Microsoft site. If you're worried about it just don't participate. :-)

  • When is the site going to work? Its constant "System Error"s and "Session Expired" errors for me. Anyone else get in?

  •'s been up and down for me as well. I was in it fine earlier but then couldn't get in a few minutes ago. Looks like their getting more load than some developer planned for. :-)

  • I could lie and say I'm American (have an American address), but I'm not, so I won't...but I'm tempted.

    Quoting Brendan again: "Opps. Looks like the forgot to include, like, the rest of the world."

  • As my father always says, "Son...honesty is the best policy". But then again, if you took the time to watch the videos it seems like you should get something regardless of where you live. :-)

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