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I recently teamed up with jQuery guru Elijah Major to create a new course for Pluralsight that I’m really excited about called jQuery Tips and Tricks. Both Elijah and I have worked with jQuery a lot over the years and used it to build various applications so we thought it’d be fun and useful to create a course that demonstrates some of the different tips, tricks and best practices we’ve learned along the way. Here’s some additional information about the course. I hope you enjoy it!


jQuery Tips and Tricks


jQuery provides a powerful set of features that can be used to build applications but do you know some of the key tips, tricks and best practices that can be used to reduce code, promote re-use and simplify maintenance? In the jQuery Tips and Tricks course Dan Wahlin and Elijah Manor will walk you through key tips and tricks learned over the years of building applications with jQuery. Topics covered include tips and tricks related to working with the DOM, handling and triggering events, making Ajax calls, working with and caching data locally, as well as taking advantage of built-in jQuery utility functions.


Course Outline:

  • DOM Tips and Tricks
    • Using a CDN with a Fallback
    • Working with Selectors
    • Using a CDN with a Fallback
    • Working with Selectors
    • Limit DOM Interactions
    • Checking if an Element Exists
    • Using the end() Function with Chaining
    • filter() vs find()
    • Using Objects with Setter Methods
    • Use Classes over Styles
  • Event Tips and Tricks
    • on() Instead of .bind()
    • on() Instead of .live() or .delegate()
    • Handling Event Delegation
    • Namespacing Your Events
    • Registering Events Before DOM Ready
    • Reusing an Existing Method as an Event Handler
    • Creating Custom Events
    • Determining User Input
    • Determine If Event was Triggered by the User
    • Just-in-Time Initialization
  • Ajax and Data Tips and Tricks
    • How to Use Ajax Promises
    • Consolidating jQuery Ajax Calls
    • Resolving Multiple Ajax Calls with $.when()
    • Adding Headers to an Ajax Request
    • Custom Ajax Converters
    • Storing Data with the data() Function
    • Working with HTML5 data-* Attributes
  • Utility Tips and Tricks
    • Using the $.map Method
    • Using the $.grep Method
    • Using the $.type Method
    • Feature Detect Not $.browser Detect
    • Using the $.Callbacks Object
    • When and How to use jQuery.noConflict
    • Using the $.extend Method

Here's a segment from the course.

Working with the jQuery data() Function

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