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Good luck Peter

Peter Quinn recently resigned as CIO of Massachusetts citing the following in a memo to his staffers dated Dec. 24, he wrote, "Many of these events have been very disruptive and harmful to my personal well-being, my family and many of my closest friends. This is a burden I will no longer carry."

Many of us have been spectators to this saga and I've followed it closely, even blogging about it back in November as the issue started to heat-up and my words were proved true about "all being fair in love and war" when the Boston Globe was duped into smearing this poor fellow's name.

There can be seldom few things more insulting, demoralising and damn right embarassing than to be accused of a professional misdemeanour when you are trying to do your best; the best for your employer, the best for your team and the best to raise the bar of your own abilities. 

Many years ago I suffered a similar attack when I was accused of seducing somebody's wife by an employee of a partner organisation with which my employer conducted extensive business during a global trade congress & exhibition hosted in the UK . 

It was a terrible moment in my career - on return to the office after the congress I was asked to see the MD.  I entered his office expecting to be congratulated on an excellent and effective marketing campaign and exhibition project, based on feedback from several colleagues, that had significantly enhanced the brand and reputation of the organisation with which I was working.  I did, for the first few minutes, get that recognition but for the rest of our meeting I had, instead, to listen to an irate and furious MD, for which I had eminent respect, take me to task on my alleged conduct during the 3 day event. 

I stood my ground - I told him it was a lie, I told him to call the lady and check, I also told him to verify with a colleague that I had got proof from the lady in question verbally in front of a fellow colleague that nothing underhand had occurred - having got wind of the rumour circulating while at the event - however, it did no good; the MD was furious and the damage had been done.  Fortunately I was single and did not need to worry about further hurt being caused to loved ones but here in lies the point in why I share this with you all...

When somebody is out to crap on you they will, and no matter what you do the crap will stick to you if they're bigger and more influential - in my case the rumour monger was the son of the owner of the company we did extensive business with and the rumour was fed back to my MD via this man even though I had got the rumour squashed during the congress. 

I have to say that being a victim of this type of behaviour makes me the sort of guy that fights for people like Peter Quinn, it also makes me wonder why I would support an organisation that allows this type of behaviour to go on - the European commisioner who recently highlighted the double-standards of several organisations is probably more likely than not to be the next target of this type of harassment - it's the modern day capitalist version of a shogun's assassin's poisons and it reminds us all to take care in how we live our lives, the choices we make and to ensure that we are always accountable first to ourselves so that should any crap fly about at least we have the paperwork/digital audit (herein lies a personal argument for auditability and accountability) in place to wipe it off - although the smell will probably stay for a while.

Peter Quinn conducted himself honourably and bravely from where I stand as an outsider looking in - I'm sad he's had to leave but I entirely understand his reasons cited above - perhaps he'll end up working for the good guys - they'll certainly appreciate his input, and perhaps for those of you who'd like to know who the good guys are then follow the work of the Medinge Organisation with which I am associated - it's a high level international think-tank on branding that seeks out  "brands with a conscience".


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