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    We Want Better Http-ness

    HTT-Penis!  Definitely the funniest thing I heard from Don Box during his presentation!  :P

    LINQ is really darn cool.  Definitely changes data work as we see it today.  Integrating data into languages (hence the name).  Boundaries have been broken.  I'm impressed!

    Atlas is VERY cool.  According to Scott Guthrie Atlas is up to download.  Fun!  One thing I wish Atlas would do is wrap js objects to all controls in the hierarchy of the page so you don't have to do your own document.getElementById all the time, but any, it's still really great and will help us to build AJAX apps out of the box.  The built-in list controls, etc are very cool as well.  Good to see stuff like that.  Virtual Earth control...yummy!  Drag drop atlas controls onto Vista Sidebar, OMG!

    Avalon is looking good.  More controls, databinding looks really easy, etc

    One of the demos at the end of the presentation was very cool as well.  If I can make a list of stuff move around like their demo, I'd be overjoyed.  Actually, I see now you can get the app.  The e-commerce demo at the end showed some really neat ways to present video and products together.  It's interesting they mention how they used to do web apps and now they do smart clients with xaml.  Interesting.

    Jim Allchen (sp?)  mentioned there would be a whitepaper on msdn shortly explaining how the last demo app was written.  Jim also mentioned a list of all the big opportunities that Windows Vista will give us as developers and I can definitely see them.  In fact, Project Fazr is working on a few interesting things related to Vista integration.

    Sorry about the crappiness of this post.  I just added things to it as I was watching the video at PDC.  Overall I'm quite impressed.  Wish I could be there, but I"ll be out at Microsoft in two weeks for a week to geek out with them over this stuff and more, so it's all good!  :)


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