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    Silverlight (WAS: WPF/E) is Official

    The official name as well as site is now out for Silverlight, which used to be called WPF/E.  Lookin' good!



    Adam Porter said:

    Ugh. I'm jealous. I want a 'sparkly' name. WPF is if I needed yet another acronym to prove how boring my job sounds to others. hehe.

    As in:

    Me) "Hi, I work in wpf."

    Person) "WTF?"

    Me) "No, doubleyou-PEE-eff...and .NET and AJAX, too."

    Person) "You clean floors with that, right?"

    Me) No, it's for programming.

    Person) "GEEK. lollz!"

    Me) *sigh*

    Usually the slick codename becomes a vanilla, acronym-ish official name (Avalon -> WPF, Atlas -> AJAX, Whidbey -> VS2K5, etc.). Good to see Microsoft doing it the other way around...coming up with something other than an acronym to name a new product. As a developer, I don't need the name of the product to describe what it does (Windows Presentation Foundation, Asynchronous Java and XML, etc.)...just make it SOUND interesting! Just say NO to alphabet soup! ;)

    # April 17, 2007 9:22 AM